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The STEADY BAR is sober drink experience engineered by the robot. @steadybar


We started Coffee Roboto in an effort to bring something simpler, unique and awakening to North Idaho. In the process, we realized that there is a growing broader movement and need for thoughtfully-crafted and high-quality non-alcoholic beverages. We aren’t talking about craft sodas, coffee, tea or juice – we already did all of that. We are referring to drinks that people can truly savor and make the focus of a good time, without all the repercussions and lifestyle of getting drunk. This movement has now been termed “sober curious.”


There are positives and negatives to alcohol. Throughout history, alcohol brought people together for conversation and connection, created character, ushered young people into adulthood, was integral to cultural ceremonies, hydrated when clean water wasn’t available, spurred creativity and developed as a true culinary craft. Then it was outlawed and demonized and then repealed, and its underground persona, as well as its resurgence, gave it a new face. Cheap alcohol and mass production abounded and eventually became the norm. While brewers were still proud of their brews, the craft quality began to disappear. In the 1970s, the microbrewery emerged on the scene in both the U.S. and the U.K., and alcohol became a craft again. The little guys began taking flavor, fermentation, production and distribution to a whole new delicious level. Drinking multiple craft beers a night became a “tasting experience” rather than “drinking”. Drunk courtesy of your local brewery became acceptable and even cool.


But drunk is still drunk. And alcohol use, even if it hasn't become an addiction for a particular person, has brought a heap of trouble, pain, violence and destruction to families, communities, the country and the world. It’s one thing that millennials, and others in this current culture, are stepping back and observing, and asking, what’s the point?


Sober curious explores what recreation, relationships and life could be without alcohol. It is also an acknowledgment that AA and addiction are real and should be respected. It gives credibility to living a rich life without stimulants and creates a more authentic approach to relationships and pleasure.


This is what STEADY BAR is about. We provide a sober curious, straight-arrow, dry, n/a, buzz-free, sans mobile bar experience that explores the flavor intricacies of excellent n/a cocktails that you can truly enjoy when you’re not drinking alcohol. We serve listening parties, progressive dinners, baby showers, community events and any other excellently sober experiences. Contact the robot to see what we have available now or to book your event.

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