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Directive #2: The Robot's Blue Card Program

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Do you often forget your travel mug? Do you struggle with the decision of choosing a #cupexchange mug? Invest instead in one of the robot’s KeepCups and join our Blue Card program. These cups aren’t emblazoned with the robot’s face, but they do have features that align with the robot’s directive.

The robot explored a myriad of cup and mug companies to find the best one for our set up. We settled on KeepCup. Here are some reasons why.

  • Their U.S. manufacturing facility is in the U.S.

  • Their Australian office has been 100% solar powered since 2015, with their offices in the U.K. and U.S. on track to become so in the near future.

  • They have been a B Corporation since 2014.

  • They compost their waste at their facilities.

  • They take back their cups at end of life and recycle/reuse the bits.

  • The robot's cup is made of an innovative Tritan™ plastic, which is BPA-free, impact-resistant, clear of estrogenic and androgenic activity, and GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified®.

  • Their packaging is recycled and sustainably produced.

  • They are affordable, lightweight and customizable, without being polarizing.

You can read more about KeepCup's commitment to community and sustainability here.

Here’s how our Blue Card program works.

  • Buy one of the robot’s Blue KeepCups for $16 and get your first drink free.

  • Bring your Blue KeepCup back 10 times for a decent drink from the robot.

  • On your 10th visit, the robot will pay you back $7.50 on your original investment or donate it to Coffee Kids.*

We don’t have a loyalty program or punch card, but we hope that you will join us in the robot's directives to make a difference in small ways in our community, the coffee industry and the planet.

Discover the first solution to the robot’s directive: the Robot’s Cup Exchange program.

*We will return $7.50 if your 10th visit occurs in the first year of your original purchase. If it falls within the second year, your return will be $6.50. If your 10th visit occurs three or more years after your original purchase, the robot has decided that he will put your money back into his directives. This program is based on an honor system, and we appreciate your consideration.

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