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Directive #1: The Robot's Cup Exchange Program

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

We at Coffee Roboto are dedicated to discovering creative and community-building ways to be more eco-friendly, sustainable and integrative. With this directive, the robot has determined that we find solutions to reduce the amount of single use cup and lid waste that we produce.

The first of these solutions is the Robot’s Cup Exchange program. We have joined with Cup Exchange to “say no to disposable coffee cups and YES to reusing and recycling old cups.” Founded in early 2018 at Emu Point Café in Albany, Western Australia, this project has been spreading around the world and is now a part of the robot's directive.

Here’s how it works.

  • Donate your unwanted cups and mugs to Coffee Roboto and get ½ off your drink.

  • The robot will make those mugs decent and clean, and use them as an alternative to single use cups.

  • Drink from a mug of your choice when you visit the robot, and enjoy your drink there or take it away with you.

  • Give us back your empty mug for then and there, keep it, or bring it back next time you drink at the robot.

  • Humans are always welcome to bring their own mugs to the trike, anytime, every time, and take them home with them too.

As a Cup Exchange Café, we hope to reduce our waste of single use cups and lids, and partner with other local cafés to do the same. Together we can do this, #onecupatatime.

Hello, mug. Have you picked your #cupexchange mug yet?

Discover the second solution to the robot’s directive: the Roboto’s Blue Cup program.

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